Service Quality

Customer perception of service quality has changed from simple voice to complex data. With rapid growth of smartphones comes the high usage of data including voice over IP services such as Skype, Tango, Facebook,Viber, Google+ and many others. Customer’s behavior are becoming increasingly data centric and with LTE just in the corner it will become full data centric. This shifts the challenges of providing communication services from a traditional telecom model to a mashup of capabilities and at the center of it all are network operators who sold the phones and subscriptions to customers.

Customers normally use their phones, tablets and other mobile devices on WiFi networks more 60% of the time, while at the same time if problems occur on their usage complains are targeted towards the mobile network operator. While on WiFi there is no visibility at the mobile network level on customer usage, behavior and experiences. Add the use of massive data and tons of native applications customers use with there devices the complexity of ensuring optimum network operation is constantly increasing and evolving.

The Customer IQ solutions gives mobile network operators full visibility of their subscribers experience, behavior and at the same time the capability to correlate this with network recordings. Customer IQ enables management of customers experienced service quality and subscription lifecycle. By deploying the Customer IQ solution, understanding and addressing customer issues becomes simpler. It facilitates for correlation of the differences on what customers are actually experiencing on their individual devices to what the network is measuring as perceive customer experience.