Sales and Marketing

With the rapid growth and high penetration of smartphones globally the telecommunications landscape is changing. Old business models where voice services being the main revenue source are disappearing and being replaced by massive data usage specially with free voice. services Freemium services such as Skype, Viber, Tango and others are taking the traditional telecoms business model head and are hugely successful. This trend will persist in the coming years and will continue to grow, embracing this change is a must for every network operator.



For network operators and services providers to succeed against over-the-top services there is a need to gain insight on how customers are using communication services. Knowing and embracing customer behaviors will enable network operators to ensure success in marketing campaigns, new and innovative services being launched and wider market penetration.









Customer IQ is the solution that helps service providers understand the new challenges of competing with free services. It provides insight on actual customer usage , behaviour and their interaction with network services. With its powerful business intelligence engine it allows visualization of customer experiences and opportunities to deliver innovative services.