Customer Care

In today’s customer support landscape there are multitudes of ways for customers to contact customer care or customer support considering available technologies. This result to very high expectations of customers that support is always available, anytime and in the shortest possible time. Tech savvy customers have no patience in waiting for customer support issues to be solved, they want instant actions and resolutions of complains. A 30 minute turn around time to solve a customer problem is no longer enough, it is 30 minutes too much.



With social media in the forefront of everything that customers do, issues with services provided are magnified and in a lot of cases leads to churn. Network operators must be able to satisfy customer expectations and response time is key to customer satisfaction. Social media if used the right way is a very good vehicle to address customer support issues. With a 360 degree view of customer experiences, social media can become a very powerful means of attracting more customers and promoting higher usage of services.






With Customer IQ, it is now possible to identify network issues affecting customer experiences even before a single customer complaint is received. Responding to customer complains is also a lot easier with Customer IQ with realtime insight on customer issues and usage. Using Customer IQ reduces the cost of supporting customers while meeting customer expectations.